Letter of the week – Apple Tree Counting 

Diary of a newbie mom's Blog

Ready to go “apple picking?”Yes, I enjoyed our apple sorting activity so,I replaced our letter Aa basket with numbers.

This apple tree counting is just right for some fun, hands-on practice with counting, number recognition, vocabulary building and fine motor skills.

When I saw the number basket online, I quickly printed them out and laminated them. Luckily, below our building is the office stationary shop. It’s quite expensive (aed 3.50) but it’s a lot thicker and atleast I can use it over and over). Then, I cut them apart so that I have baskets numbered 1-10.

Like in letter Aa sorting, I explained to Inigo the direction and let him try on his own.

I don’t have enough apples so I lined up our baskets from 1-5 only (which is great for working on number order) and then he started to count the apples and paired them up with the…

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Cutting Activity – Barber Shop Pretend Play — Diary of a newbie mom’s Blog

Inigo is just learning how to hold the scissors, how to coordinate both hands together when cutting, how to open and shut the blades of the scissors to cut smooth lines, and how to stay on a line when cutting. So when I thought of the idea of setting a pretend play barber shop […]

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